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What Is A Urban Bag
Oct 20, 2018

Nowadays, more and more smart products are access to our life. Smart homes, smart cars, smart glasses and even smart jewellery, it seems that any product will not be crowned with "smart" words will instantly take out a few streets. However, it is still necessary to remind consumers that a wide variety of smart products are not all in our daily life. The significance of using smart devices is to make life easier and easier.


HiSmart launched a smart backpack - Urban Bag landed on the crowd funding website Indiegogo, this backlight combines the functions of taking pictures, recording, finding mobile phones, answering calls and even dressing.


The Urban Bag smart backpack features a silver round button that can be recorded with this button and, when paired with a smartphone, can also control phone music, use hands-free calls, and even tag and share your location. information. Like all smart products, this Urban Bag smart backpack comes with a matching app.


From the overall design of this Urban Bag backpack, the concept of positioning young people makes the appearance more fashionable and practical. The Urban Bag itself is waterproof and comes with multiple pockets. More importantly, this smart backpack can also be folded back to different styles, such as Messenger bags, backpacks and shoulder bags.


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