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The Tips For How Pack Hiking Backpack?
Oct 30, 2018

1. If a hiking backpack can be stand up on the ground well after packed it that means you did it well to pack your hiking backpack.


2. Do full package as possible, do not leave any space. There can be use some soft accessories to pack some small irregular spaces such as socks, clothing, towels.


3. Minimize to carry some hard, sharp or big heavy objects. If have glass bottles, that should be suggested to replace as plastic bottles, if have some outer package like carton, iron boxes, that should be suggested to remove it for reducing the weight.


4. Its better to carry some items which can be used more than one way. But the essentials for survival items like knives, ropes, whistles, raincoats, compressed biscuit and water.


5. There will be not suggest to hang something on the external. Tent can be pull down and put the pole into hiking backpack, then fold the tent to more small and pack into hiking bag, the moisture-proof mat can be tied on the outside, do not suggested to tie on the top or bottom outside of the bag, as its will make more troubles or dangers when walking on the jungle. 

hiking backpack

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