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How Should Hiking Backpack Fit
Nov 06, 2018

How to pack properly is also very skillful. If it is well loaded, not only can all the items be accommodated, but it is more convenient to use when it is used. It can also relieve the pressure of the backpack to the body to a certain extent, and it is easier to carry and go further, playing more happier.


Center of gravity: The heavy objects are placed on the top, so that the center of gravity of the backpack is higher. The waist of the backpack can be straightened. If you want to climb the mountain of intermediate difficulty, the weight of the backpack must be lowered to allow the body to bend. In the woods. In general walking, the back pack can be filled with a higher weight, in the position close to the back. The heavier weight equipment is placed on the upper end of the backpack and the backrest, such as stoves, cookware, heavy food, rain gear, water bottles, etc. If the center of gravity is too low or away from the back, the body will bend and walk, so it is very tired to walk. The tent can be tied to the top of the backpack, and the fuel oil and water must be separated to avoid contamination of food and clothing.

The second heavy items are placed in the center of the backpack and on the lower side belt, such as spare clothing (which must be sealed with a plastic bag and the tape is so easily identifiable with different colors), personal appliances, headlights, maps, north arrows, and cameras. Light items are placed underneath, such as sleeping bags (which must be sealed with a waterproof bag), air cushions. Tripods, water bottles, etc. can be placed in side pockets.



Men and women are different: men’s and women’s backpacks also have a little difference when they are loaded, because the upper body of the boy’s torso is longer and the upper body of the girl’s upper body is shorter but the legs are longer. The weight of the boy’s weight is higher when filling, because the position of the boy’s center of gravity is close to the chest. The girl's center of gravity is lower, the position is close to the abdomen, and the heavy items are as close as possible to the back, so that the weight is higher than the waist.


Practical operation: There are a lot of small details worthy of everyone's attention. Before loading the bag, you must relax the outer strap and the shrink strap on the backpack to fully expand the space inside the backpack. After filling the items, be sure to tighten the shrink straps to reinforce the contents of the bag; if the backpack fabric is thinner or has more external accessories, use a backpack cover to protect the equipment and the package, and lose a few cheaper than the expensive backpack. The backpack cover is still acceptable.


Weighing: The key to packaging is the understanding of the equipment (volume, shape, weight), reasonable layout and minimum individual volume. Achieving the smallest individual volume can be selected when purchasing equipment, or when folding equipment. For example, someone can use a cylinder with a diameter of 12 cm and a height of 13 cm, but a gas cylinder and a burner, a scouring pad and a lighter. This is achieved by considering the purchase of equipment.


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