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Chinese Luggage Internet + Industry Investment Fund
Aug 31, 2018

175953749.jpgAt the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference  president of china Xi Jinping said that the number of outbound tourists in China will exceed 500 million in the next five years, which is a very good news for the tourism-related industries. It also shows that the Chinese tourist population is growing at a high speed. . Many guests talked about the mobile Internet and thought that luggage bag is one of the best hosting tools. The luggage industry has very good opportunities, including the segmentation of products in the bag industry, as an intelligent portal for the Internet, which also allows us to invest in the entire industry chain through capital, industrial mergers and acquisitions and industrial financing to promote the growth of the industry. Bringing a generous return to investors.


The wave of "Internet +" has brought tremendous vitality to the capital market. We initiated the establishment of China Luggage Internet + Industrial Investment Fund, which is mainly aimed at cooperating with service companies such as finance, logistics, marketing and new media in the leather goods industry chain, using technologies such as the Internet, cloud computing and big data to accelerate the efficiency of the luggage industry. The upgrading of quality, innovation, cooperation and marketing capabilities has promoted the good development of the luggage industry.

Duffle Bag Backpack2.jpg

The main mode of Chinese luggage Internet + industry investment fund is that all kinds of cooperative enterprises contribute their own high-quality resources, and set up Internet innovation companies with these enterprises to grow rapidly in the vertical industry of the luggage industry circle and seek high returns. 

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