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Can Heavy School Bags Cause Scoliosis?
Nov 27, 2018

Modi govt writes to states following a Madras HC order asking schools to reduce burden on children forced to carry heavy school bags. The New Delhi News shown that The Human Resource Development Ministry has written to all states to fix the weight of the school bag according to a student’s class, a move that is in line with a Madras High Court order aimed at easing the burden on young schoolchildren who are forced to carry heavy school bags.


The South African Department of Education should follow the example of Indian state of Maharashtra which has now imposed a regulation that school children are not allowed to carry school bags that exceed 10% of their body weight. 


Children’s scoliosis not full-grown and still in growing, so if they carry the heavy school bags everyday that children will developing forward head posture as they are hinging forward at the hips to compensate for the heavy weight on their back, this might not show symptoms or experience pain straight away. And in the long term they are developing imbalances in the body which can cause scoliosis.

can heavy school bags cause scoliosis

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