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Are Your Bags Intelligent?
Nov 05, 2018

travel bag

There were two distinct situations in the luggage and bag industry.,the intelligent bags are hotly welcomed by customers while the  traditional bags are seems cold and cheerless.

As you can see, in front of the ITP booth, the maserati, lamborghini style children's pull pole box attracted a large number of buyers.At the booth of xiamen jianfa co., buyers stopped frequently with a $300 suitcase that they could walk after people

Year's Canton fairs show the  development trends of luggage industry well.

From selling design to intelligentization, China's luggage and bags such as backpack,travel bag,diaper bag and trolley bag break the cocoon transformation


Huang yongxian, CEO of smart luggage research and development company jf technology, told Hugo that intelligence is an important trend in the luggage industry.From the 121st Canton fair, some luggage and bag enterprises have been involved in intelligent production, and now the 123rd fair, it is obvious that more and more luggage and bag enterprises are involved in intelligent production.

A few foreign buyers asked for a bluetooth smart bag at the booth where the full range of service developers and win technologies are available.Yang xianyun, co-founder of will and win, told Hugo net that will and win luggage has begun to realize intelligence, she thinks that in the future smart luggage will realize generalization.

Why make it smartFrom the perspective of the industry, the market space of traditional luggage and bags still exists. However, with the upgrading of consumption in China, or the upgrading of global consumption, product diversity will also be upgraded. Intellectualization is a typical representative.

In our opinion, in this fast-changing era, if bag enterprises do not follow the trend of The Times, using better materials and better design, they will live very hard, and this is also the problem that many low-end suppliers are facing now.

Through intellectualization, the added value of luggage and luggage may be a way for  enterprises to break through the cocoon of transformation.

bag show

Now Chinese manufacturing has entered a new period. The trend of digitization, intelligentization and capitalization has been prominent. To upgrade the industry, intellectualization is indispensable.

Intellectualization is still in the initial trial period in the luggage industry, and the market is still cultivating.Some leading luggage and luggage enterprises are also beginning to explore the direction of intelligence, but there is an all-natural factor, intelligence and luggage are two completely different industries

The smart luggage and bag mainly covers charging treasure series, bluetooth series, GPS positioning series, intelligent lock series, intelligent walking series and so on

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