Sleeve Bag for 15.6 Inch Laptop

No.MN006030 Size:38cm*30cm Material:Neoprene Feature:No zipper High quality neoprene materials Reversible,durable and waterproof

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No zipper

High quality neoprene materials
Reversible,durable and waterproof


Consumers are faced with an extensive amount of choices for notebook sleeves with prices ranging from around $10 to over ten times that. In this article we review important considerations when shopping for a notebook sleeve including the size, material and sleeve accessories.

Before buying a laptop sleeve case bag,get the appropriate size is the most important thing.

The primary purpose of a sleeve is to protect the notebook; how well the sleeve fits is a primary determinant of the protection it offers. A small notebook in an oversized sleeve has room to move around; if you were to drop your bag, the notebook would continue to accelerate until it reached the edge of the sleeve resulting in a harsher than necessary impact. Had the notebook fit snugly within the laptop bags cases sleeves, this impact would have been less severe. This basic physics concept is no different than wearing a seat-belt in a car; it should fit snugly against your body to best protect you.


Ideally you’d find a hp laptop sleeve bag designed specifically for the dimensions of your notebook. Mainstream brands such as Dell and HP often offer special sleeves for their notebooks; these are basically guaranteed to fit perfectly. If no pre-fitted sleeve exists for your notebook, you’re not out of luck; 

Our products will be one of your best choices

Made of high quality neoprene materials, our laptop sleeve bag 14 inch which protect your laptop against dust, shocks, bumps, scrapes and scratches.

We always hate to carry a heavy bag when going outside or having a travel, with the weight 160g our laptop is light enough for carrying.the laptop sleeve in a size 38cm*30cm is suit for the laptop size in 14.6inch to 15.6 inch.  The most feature different from other is its double color available, you can change the color of the sleeve bag for 15.6 inch according to your need. If you feel like a black laptop today rather than the red color as yesterday been.what you need to do is just by turning the inner color outside. it is a Reversible and waterproof laptop case without zipper and button it is easy to carry and can be put into a bag or trolley bag easily without taking much space.

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