Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

Size:10inch,12inch,13inch,14inch,15inch,17inch Material:neoprene Feature:fashion look, waterproof and breathable high efficiency decompression

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This sleeve bags are made of high-grade environmental friendly neoprene with super elastic absorption, high efficiency decompression, anti-seismic and wear-resisting to protect your laptop professionally.Our laptop sleeve is waterproof and breathable, you will feel soft and elastic when carrying it. Also it can be cleaned and dried repeatedly without any damage.


We prefer to have a light and comfortable laptop sleeve apple which can completely protects the tablet in the sleeve from being scratched,splashed or squeezed when going outside.

With this stylish designed laptop sleeve made of special materials , your personal fashion style will catch all people’s eyes to show your unique taste.what is more our sleeve is good hand feeling with high elasticity,it is environmental protection ,beautiful and easy to use

there is a suppressible handle which can be hidden into the sleeve and the zipper can be full close when you do not need it

We adopt heat printing technology to make the pattern bright , vivid and never fade.

There are many various pattern for your choice,and many size available,they are 10 inch,12 inch,13 inch,14 inch,15 inch and 17inch  suit all your tablets 

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1. What is a neoprene laptop sleeve

Neoprene (SBR CR diving material), commonly known as neoprene, is a synthetic rubber foam with fine and soft is flexible ,Shockproof, insulation, elasticity and so on 

In general, the material of the sleeve is more flexible and elastic than the material of the sponge bag that everyone sees in the market, so it can play the role of shockproof.

Many bags packaged very nice but they are just all filled with hard objects or foam so the weight of the bare bag itself is very light.

The so-called sponge of the protective compartment is also very thin In fact, it does not achieve the effect of protecting the laptop any all

And the thickness of our colorful neoprene has reached the international standard 3.5MM is much larger than the general 2MM of the sleeve, so our colorful laptop sleeve can not only just be used as a sleeve but also can protect your laptop as well as a neoprene laptop bag. 

2.the sleeve is nice but will the pattern fade or fall off as time flies. And can it be washed if it get dirty?

We have a pattern on both sides of the bag, and we use thermal sublimation technology. the advantage of sublimation is that the pattern and bag are seamless, you can touch the laptop sleeve 15.6 without concavity, there is no doubt that the patterns will not fall off for a long time.we adopt the technology which is high-demanding and high consumption so that most of factory reluctant to choose this technology.

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