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Use of cosmetic bag
Jun 04, 2018

Cosmetic bag is used to help make up the makeup, I think put on lip gloss, powder cake and water spray on OK, as for eye shadow brush and so should be placed in the residence, so the bag is not too heavy, but also enough to need. Cosmetic bag, is used to install a variety of cosmetics bags.

It's usually used to put cosmetics bags,

More detailed is divided into, multi-functional professional cosmetic bag, travel with simple cosmetic bag and household small cosmetic bag. Professional cosmetic bag, many functions, multiple layers and storage bags.

Mainly professional makeup artist to use. Travel-type cosmetic bag, usually easy to carry. Few cells, but complete functions.

Can be placed in common cosmetics and toiletries. Household small cosmetic bag, style and a wide range. Color and quality are also uneven, more small cosmetic bags are cosmetics company's promotional items.

A gift in the purchase of cosmetics.

Cosmetic bag According to the material can be divided into: nylon cosmetic bag, cotton cosmetic bag, PVC cosmetic bag, PU cosmetic bag and so on. Cosmetic bag, is used to beautify their own bag.

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