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Types of Travelling Bags
Jun 04, 2018

Bags can be divided into backpacks, handbags and hauling bags.

The type and use of a very fine, according to the top of the outdoor supplies franchise shop Experts Lake introduced, travel bags and daily city tour or excursions Bags, the functions and uses of these bags are very different. Mountaineering bags are divided into large bags and small bags, large bags and have an external frame type and the two types, as the outer frame of the mountain in the forest travel is very inconvenient, the general recommendation of the use of the internal-frame bag. Take five days to Sichuan Siguniangshan hiking as an example, suggested that men use 70 liters-80 litres of travel bags, women use 40 liters-50 litres of travel bags.

Travel bags preferably with detachable top bag or purse, after reaching the camp, can be used to put things in the top bag or purse, the big bag left in the camp, light. Though carrying a large travelling bag, heavy loading, it seems very cool look will attract a lot of eyeballs, but the weight of their own body only to experience, shoulder tired also no one for you share, so travel must be able to do, in the choice of bags must be "mass selection package."

When choosing a traveling bag, you must try heavy is the equivalent of the weight of their own luggage put in the bag to try the effect, or borrow a friend of the bag test back, try Shi to pay attention to the bag and their back is close, belt and chest belt is suitable, there are men and women to separate and so on. Without a good travel bag, will not be filled with the same will make your backache back pain.

According to the Pathfinder Outdoor shop staff, the general Order of loading items (bottom): sleeping bags and clothing, lighter equipment, heavier equipment, supplies, beverages. Buy a bag when recommended to the professional shop by professionals to guide the purchase, choose to be picky, do not only look at the brand, not suitable would prefer not to do, after all, tired is their own.

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