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Trolley Bag Case
Jul 26, 2018
Trend Travel Bags For Men

The trolley bag is a suitcase with a puller and wheels,it is widely used for its convenience for outdoor travel..the trolley bag is always equipped with a pull rod, which is divided into single pipe and double pipe, and the tube of the pull rod has a square tube and a round tube for easy dragging while walking.the trolley bag is also can be carried by hands or by drag. The wheels of the trolley bag we usually use are basically at the bottom of the case, and nowadays people have designed a new style of trolley bag, which is designed into a cylinder shape and wheels. The whole outsourcing is on the outside of the box.this kind of roller design makes this trolley bag better adapt to different terrains. For example, it is easy to go up and down the stairs by pulling the box directly.

Most of the trolley bag adopt the material such as oxford, abs material, leather, etc., and the utility is divided into three categories: Directional wheel, universal wheel and the latest detachable universal wheel trolley bag. 

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