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Trolley Case for Sale
Sep 19, 2018
Trolley Bag And Suitcase

Material classification of the trolley case:

ABS material: It belongs to hot vacuum forming, and the hard shell has inner lining. The inner texture is more delicate, the surface of the shell changes more, it is more resistant to impact than the soft box, but because of the box frame, the weight is relatively heavy, but it can be protected. Clothing is not easy to change, and fragile products are not easily damaged. Special attention should be paid when using it. The more complete the container is, the safest it is to fill all the gaps. It is the most correct and most durable when pressed and closed.

PP material: It belongs to injection molding, and it has the same color inside and outside, and there is no inner lining. The PP material is designed to save manpower and is developed in line with modern products. The development cost is high, but the service life is relatively long. All spare parts are special and cannot be modified. Therefore, only professional brands or professional factories have the ability to develop and produce. It is characterized by impact resistance and water resistance.

Aluminium alloy: The characteristics of aluminum alloy are durable, wear-resistant and impact-resistant. The life of the shell itself can be maintained for more than five years or more. It can be formed in one piece, such as ZERO, or combined molding, such as RIMOWA. However, the damage to the surrounding accessories can still be repaired. If you want to look beautiful and complete, it is probably impossible. Unless you want to change a new trolley case, otherwise it should be used in an uncomfortable situation. It should be rare. However, the premise is that it must be used under the correct use of the trolley case, in order to play its characteristics, compared with the general trolley case, the weight is heavier, the price is much more expensive than the average.

Soft trolley case: The characteristics are light and varied, and can accommodate a little more. But the advantages are also shortcomings. If there are too many things inside, the sewing thread will be tightened beyond its force value, and the seam will be cracked. In addition, during the baggage check, the force will exceed the force value when the collision occurs. The line is broken and 70% of the soft trolley case is so damaged.

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