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Trolley Case Definition
Aug 24, 2018
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A suitcase, also known as a suitcase or a trolley case, is a box carried by the door to carry items, which is one type of trolley case. Usually the suitcase is used to store the clothing, personal care items and souvenirs needed on the trip.

Early trolley case was made of wood or other heavy materials. With the popularity of air travel, the material of the trolley case tends to be lighter in hard plastic or cloth. Most of the models also come with built-in small wheels, which can be easily pulled by the lever. After 2010, there are also 4 small wheel trolley case. In addition to the 360-degree rotation, it can be easily pushed on the ground without any effort.

In addition, the trolley case can also be divided into hard-shell luggage and soft-shell luggage according to the outer casing. The hard-shell luggage is more resistant to falling and is suitable for luggage that requires more protection. The soft-shell luggage is usually lighter than the hard-shell luggage and has a more flexible capacity. However, the zipper position of the soft-shell suitcase is more likely to burst due to too many objects inside.

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