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The material craft of traveling bag
Jun 04, 2018

Because the outdoor travel bag is used in the special environment, the material and the craft of the traveling bag put forward the high request. All travel bags are placed in the position of the needle back stitch sewing three times, so that the force position rugged. The block button and other parts of the traveling bag can be made to freeze-proof, prevent smashing and 120 degrees Celsius deformation without damage. The outer material of the traveling bag mainly has 420D Oxford nylon, 1000D nylon, 600D or 1000Dpolyester , or 1000D cordvra and so on material. 1000D material density is high, very wear-resistant, very suitable for use in the field. Cordvra is a famous high-grade wear-resistant nylon roving fabric developed by DuPont Company. The wear resistance of the material is much higher than that of the general nylon or polyester, and the weight is light. More than 90% of the world's famous brands of bags are used in this prestigious nylon material. These materials can withstand the pressure of the 0.5m~2m and keep the objects in the package dry. Some materials also have a tear-proof function, and once punctured, the gap does not rip open and expand. Canvas materials are also used extensively in the manufacture of travelling bags, which is a typical example of the Canvas Republic. Because the canvas is more wear-resistant and has a great density of rain-proof effect, texture is very soft, so very popular.

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