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Insulated Thermal Lunch Bags FAQ
Jan 02, 2019

Q:Which Type Of Foam Insulation Is The Best For A  Insulated Thermal Lunch Bags?

A:We went over this briefly above and each tpye of foam insulation has their benefits,but if your goes like this:

PVC is chapest to manufacture and is resistant to grease,oil.and chemicals.

PU is both flexible and able to withstand all manner of wear and tear.The open cell disign makes  it breathable.preventing sogginess nor trap odor.

Polyester is comprised of open cell formations and is as breathable and fiexible as PU however because it is stronger,it costs more too.

Due to this.polyester is arguably the best for any kind of food transporting occasion.However,as we have mentioned before,you can get away with lower quality materials if you do not need to use it all the time or for long periods.if you are merely using your bag to transports groceries from the car to the refrigerator,then there is no point spiashing the cash on the more expensive product unless you want to that is.

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Q:How Long Do Insulated Bags Keep Food Cold Or Hot?

A:It will depend on the quality of your Insulated food bags as well as how packed it is and whether you are useing it to keep something warm.which means you can not cook a roast and then travel across the country expecting it to stay piping not.

Coversely,cold things stay cold for longer,as you may have noticed if you have ever used a thermos for iced coffee vs hot coffee.Again,this depends starting thmperature and capacity,but it is possible for frozen things to stay like that for as long as three days.

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Q:Do Insulated Thermal Lunch Bags Need To Be Refrigerated?

A:You can if you want,but the foam insulation does all the cooling work for you.if you palced a insualted thermal bag with cold food in the refrigerator,there is not a lot.if anything at all,that would change and you would be doing nothing but taking up space that could be used for beer,steaks or cheese.

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