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How to wash a school bag?
Nov 27, 2018

School bags are essential for students to carry their homework and school supplies on the go. Over time, carry its everyday by wear and tear that make the school bags filthy and old. As usually the school bags can be washed in a regular washing machine using detergent except some special school backpack which need to be hand washed that depends on the material they are made from.


Here would like to show some step by hand wash:


1.      Empty your school bag. Turn your school bag inside out and use a small vacuum to clean the hard to reach interior corners of your school bag which have small particles of dirt and garbage. And after clean, please be noted to leave all of the zipper pockets unzipped.


2.      Check the care label. Always be attention on the care label, wash it to follow the care instructions to make sure that you are washing your bag in a right way and would not damage it.


3.      Prep your backpack for washing. Take off any detachable pockets and straps from the main body of the school bag and clean its separately. Add some detergent if it too hard to clean or brush it by hand with the warm water say 20°-40°.


4.      Dry it. Wring out the water as possible and watch out specifically for zippers, straps and foam areas when wringing it, be noticed do not damage it. After that hang your school bag on the rope and dry it by naturally. If possible, let the school bag hang upside down with the pockets unzipped.


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