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How to pick a hiking backpack?
Aug 03, 2018
Hiking Backpack Daypack With Back Support

In outdoor sports, in addition to the importance of clothing and shoes, the choice of hiking backpacks are also very important. The role of hiking backpacks in outdoor activities is the mobile home. The four elements of life are food and clothing. In addition to the need to rely on our feet and shoes, the rest of the clothes and food are attached to the backpack. For the replenishment of the backpack and its own weight, many novices do not know how to weigh. And the quality of the backpack also directly affects our travel experience. Large backpacks generally range in size from 40 liters to 80 liters, and small backpacks typically range from 15 to 30 liters.

In terms of specifications and material loading of backpacks, it is necessary to divide into stocks and consumables according to factors such as long and short distance, activity area and climate characteristics. Standing items include raincoats, warm clothing, sleeping bags, and conventional accessories. They are items that are not affected by other factors. Consumables include food, fuel, etc., which can be reduced with the increase of activity time. The number of such items is hiking. The impact of the backpack volume is very large. The size of the hiking backpack can be selected by determining the equipment to carry.

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