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How to make a laptop tote bag?
Nov 17, 2018

1.      Measure the size of your laptop need to be carried.

2.      Cut the fabric as the size what you want, leave extra 0.7-1cm for the sewing line, both outer shell and lining material.


3.      If you need the more protection for your laptop, you can also cut the foam for inside padding.

protection foam

4.      Matching the outer and lining material size, first sew the lining fabric with the foam and them sew it together with outer fabric but please noticed to leave the top open.


5.      Miter the corners as below, sewing the mitered tips to the seam line.

foam sewed

6.      Folding the top of outer layer fabric and sew it. If you not good at sewing, you can suggested to use some pins to settle it.

top sew

7.      Making the handles. Cut 10 – 13cm wide strips as handles, make the length as you fit (suggest 70cm length), then fold it in half and iron it to plain for more easy to sew.


8.      Fold the handles and divide it by 3 section then sew it on the bag made previous.

sew handles

9.       Reinforce sew the position with pressure.


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