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how to choose the material for a kids lunch box
Dec 05, 2018

In the manufacture of thermal kids lunch box, in order to make the cooler bag have better insulation effect, the sealing property and material selection are particularly important.

In the market, we can often see that the insulation bag uses aluminum foil as the surface fabric or the inner fabric. The advantage of the aluminum foil is that it can block the radiant heat.

Let the heat pass through the convection and keep the temperature inside the lunch bag for kids

cooler bag

In addition, we can also see in the market that instead of using aluminum foil, we use a material called PVC. Using this material can make the heat preservation bag look like a normal bag, and the shape can also be used for daily use. Used in insulation function,

However, the higher the temperature of the PVC material, the softer it is, the more difficult it is to dissolve the plasticizer, so the material is more suitable for use on an ice pack.

In order to avoid the user's health concerns, and need to take into account the shape of the kids lunch box, we choose another environmentally friendly material called food grade PEVA. This material features soft and comfortable texture, and does not have the problem of high temperature dissolution of plasticizer. 

kids lunch box

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