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have you got a school bag?
Nov 21, 2018

A school bag is one of the most important school supplies in your career. Whether the choice of schoolbag is appropriate or not affects the health of the child.
Choosing a good bag should meet 6 standards:
1. the weight does not exceed 10% of body weight
Excessive weight of the bag may cause the child's spine position to change to accommodate the load. Therefore, the weight of the bag should not exceed 10% of the child's weight.
2. consider the small school bag
Children of different ages are suitable for different sizes of schoolbags. The size of the bag should not be more than 3/4 on the back of the child to prevent the bag from being in the body.
3. it is best to buy a backpack
Shoulder bags often make children unconsciously raise their shoulders to stabilize the strap, which tends to cause the shoulder and back muscles to contract for a long time, causing sore shoulders. The shoulder bag has been back for a long time, and the body load is increased. The asymmetry also affects the muscles, spine and bones, causing scoliosis and affecting the child's growth and development.
4. equipped with reflective materials
The reflective material on the bag makes it easier for students who are on the road to be identified and to alert and warn the passing vehicles.
5. the back and bottom of the bag must have support function
The back and bottom of the bag should have a supporting function. The material of the support can be polyurethane cotton or PVC foam that meets the hygienic requirements. It can help the child to reduce the burden. Even if the book of the same weight is loaded, the child can feel better than the ordinary bag. Light, protects the back.
6. no smell
If the bag has a severe pungent odor, it is likely to be a non-conforming product, and long-term exposure will affect the child's health.

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