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Development Trend of Luggage Industry
Nov 15, 2018

1. Differentiated competition will gradually become a trend

As far as China's luggage market is concerned, although some luggage companies have begun to take a differentiated development path, they are still taking a homogenous development path. As raw material costs, labor costs, etc. continue to rise, the competitive landscape of this price-based primary form will become unsustainable. The key to solving this problem is to take the road of differentiation. In fact, consumers do not only want to buy cheap but low-quality bags, and a large number of consumers, I hope to spend a little more money to buy high-quality, beautiful, branded luggage. This provides a possibility for the luggage companies to change the wholesale model and get out of the differentiated road.

As far as the luggage industry is concerned, the core of differentiation is the design style of luggage. In the design of the product, identify your own positioning and form your own unique style. Once you have established your own style, you have to keep it for a long time.

Of course, differentiation will also be reflected in other aspects, such as channels. At present, the main channel of luggage is the wholesale circulation channel. In addition, agent channels, monopoly channels, shopping malls, etc., are all worth considering. Through the differentiated channel model, we can also embark on our own differentiated business path.

2, the trend of e-commerce

E-commerce transaction costs are inefficient. The buyers and sellers conduct business activities through the network without the involvement of the intermediary, which reduces the relevant links of the transaction. The seller can introduce and publicize products through the Internet, avoiding a lot of expenses such as advertising and printing in the traditional way. The buyer and the seller communicate the supply and demand information in an instant, making it possible to produce non-stock and non-stock sales, thereby reducing inventory costs to zero. The traditional trading platform is a ground shop, and the e-commerce trading platform has greatly reduced the rent of the store. The network can bring together the power of people, and easily put together a small number of needs to place orders with manufacturers, so that the resident manufacturers can both increase sales and produce accurately.

Nowadays, most merchants in the luggage industry have entered e-commerce. Whether it is a wholesaler or a retailer, it is a wise choice to enter e-commerce as soon as possible.

3, the hypermarket is sought after

Not everyone will like to trade online, there will be a certain share in the traditional market, but there is an urgent need for reform. As shop rents and transfer fees and operating costs are getting higher and higher, Wangpu is becoming more and more scarce and difficult to find. Some communities with strong commercial atmosphere have gradually entered the retailer's sight, just like the KFC model. Then use the advantages of rent and transfer fees to integrate the marketable goods in the local market, and then use the favorable conditions such as the periodicity of the arrears of the goods payable and the perfect service and management to win the market.

No matter which mode is chosen to operate, it needs to be managed in a fine manner. Whether the store can bring a good feeling to the consumers depends on the comprehensive quality of the store, and the comprehensive quality is accumulated by numerous details, so the perfect details The meticulous management of systematic and streamlined informationization is particularly important. The competition and challenges in the luggage industry are becoming more and more fierce, but at the same time there is considerable market space, and opportunities and challenges coexist.

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