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Classification of fabric and lining materials
Aug 02, 2018

Fabric is the main material to product bags, which not only affect the appearance of the bag image directly but also is related to the sales price.So it is necessary to pay more attention to choose and design the material of the bag. Style, material and colour are the three elements of design. The color and materials of the bags are directly reflected from the fabric, and the style of the bags is also guaranteed by the soft, clean and weight of the materials. Therefore, it is should be concerned on the design performance.

There are many kinds materials of fabric that can be used in the bags. The products are also classified according to different fabrics, such as real leather bags, imitation leather bags,trolley cases, trolley bags, school bags and so on.

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1.Natural leather

The raw material of natural leather is all kinds of animal skins, the natural leather appearance is elegant and generous, the hand feeling is soft and plump, the product is durable and good which make it popular with the user. However, due to its high price, it limited the use of leather bags to some extent. There are a lot of natural leather materials used in bags that make great differences in the performance from the different material


2.Artificial leather and synthetic leather.

Artificial leather looks like natural leather,  in a lower price, various style and color the artificial leather has been already widely used in industry and agriculture . kinds of pu synthetic leather was developed in recent years which make the quality of artificial leather significantly improved, especially the bottom base with nonwoven cloth, polyurethane porous material surface imitation of the structure of natural leather and synthetic leather, has a good practical performance.
Therefore, artificial leather is classified by raw materials and can be divided into two categories: PVC artificial leather and polyurethane synthetic leather. And the artificial leather including artificial leather, synthetic chamois leather, PVC plastic film and so on.

the surface of synthetic leather is coated with polyurethane foaming layer which is the most widely used is very similar to natural leather 


3.artificial furs

 Artificial fur had a great progress with the development of textile technology .the cost of the artificial fur  which is close to natural fur is low and easy to keep, It not only can be used for purfle material but also  used to make bags full of childlike

4. Fiber cloth (fabric).

The textile can be used either in the fabric or inner material. The fabrics used in fabrics have PVC coating and ordinary fabric. , PVC coated, is in the side or the other fabric with transparent or not transparent PVC film, such as Scotland grid cloth, calico, man-made fibre cloth, etc., this material has a variety of color and design, and has a high degree of water proofing property and abrasion resistance, can be used to cooler bag, sports bag, student bag and so on. In ordinary fabrics, canvas, flannelette, twill, scotch plaid can be used to make bag products.


5. Plastics.
Plastic is a kind of material commonly used in bags It is mainly used for hot-pressed box parts and it is the main material of the suitcase which is colorful and in a good performance.

the lining of bags are mainly used to assist the shape of the bag and protecting the fabric of the product at the same time .There are artificial leather and textile fabrics.the artificial leather is usually used for the soft production., for example, the imitation sheepskin leather with foam sense;  the textile fabrics are mainly application on the chemical fiber fabric of the imitation silk fabric


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