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Personalized Insulated Cooler Bags

No.MY004090 Size: L13×W9×H9.5inch Capacity:20L Feature:options of carry easy to fold top full zipper opening high quality material

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Personalized Insulated Cooler Bags(No.MY004090)

Spring warm flowers, it is the best season for a picnic,so choose a suitable personalized insulated cooler bags to carry the carefully prepared delicious is necessary.

Before buying a picnic bag what you need to do is to understand your actual needs.Otherwise our trip maybe out of much funny with an unpractical insulated picnic bag.

When you decide to drive to a picnic,the cooler bags should be in a regular shape and can stand upright steadily in the trunk to ensure that it does not dump or roll over during driving so that the food and beverage will not be damaged or leaks.

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As the trunk is a closed environment with poor air circulation and a lot of debris order to prevent food from being contaminated, products with good sealing properties should be selected.

After arriving at the destination, if the parking location is far away from the picnic spot, the hiker cooler bag should have a handle that can be easily lifted for easy movement.

If you make your decision to have a picnic by walking to the destination it is advisable to choose a picnic bag that is easy to move, such as a handle , an awkward or multi-purpose bag with a pulley or a trolley design.If you need to hold a child or push a stroller, you can choose a picnic backpack, free your hands to take care of children. 

Here we would like to suggest you a cooler bag picnic set which will fully meet with your requirements



This Personalized Insulated Cooler Bag has function storing cold/warm, because the 3 insulation layer: outer layer is high-density Oxford cloth; inside layer is aluminum foil (food grade low thermal conductivity); mid layer is 8mm EPE foam which can protect the food inside from being hit

The waterproof zipper enhances the sealing and effectively reduces the energy loss. We are trying hard to make you enjoy cold drinks, fresh fruits and hot food.

The Personalized Insulated Cooler Bag has a large capacity and portable, display size is L13×W9×H9.5inch with large capacity 20L/4.3 uk gal., can hold 50-60 cans (330ml). the insulated bag is suit for family trip. What is more the high performance cooler bag can be folded into L13×W9×H1.5inch when you do not  have a plan for picnic, the cool box can be packed without  taking much storage space.

With the carry handle & adjustable shoulder strap, you can choose comfortable shoulder carrying or hand held transport according to your need.

Anyway ,our Personalized Insulated Cooler Bag is convenient for your picnic trip with your family and friends

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