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Large Insulated Cooler Bag

No.MY008059 Size:36cm*24cm*30cm Material:600D Weight:1068 Feature:Lightweight and durable Dual zipper compartment Large capacity Adjustable nylon strap Full top opening

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Large Insulated Cooler Bag










Lightweight and durable

Dual zipper compartment
Large capacity
Adjustable nylon strap
Full top opening


Whether you’re heading off to the park for a weekend picnic or you want something to stop your lunch turning into a warm soggy mess before your lunch break at work or college, a large lunch cooler bags is essential. 

When buying one, be sure to check it’s big enough. It sounds obvious, but looks can be deceptive, especially when purchasing online. Consider how easy it is to carry too, especially if it’s a big one that you intend to fill to the brim. While some have carry handles, others have shoulder straps and some even have wheels. 

There are several types of beach cooler bag, the main ones are which are made from hard moulded plastic or strong synthetic fibre. The former are designed to be filled with food that’s surrounded by ice packs or cubes, although some eradicate the need for this by plugging into a car cigarette socket – turning them into a kind of portable fridge. Make sure the one you choose has a tough insulated lid and think about whether you prefer plastic handles or wheels – or both.

Fabric coolers, on the other hand, are more lightweight and made from durable man-made insulating materials. While they’re not as robust as the plastic ones and don’t keep food cold for quite as long, they’re a lot more practical, easily packing away when not in use. With these, remember thicker insulating linings generally work better and look out for fastenings such as strong zips to help keep the air out. And whichever type you go for, don’t forget the finer detail – will it hold a bottle upright, for example, and how easy is it to keep clean?

To test which are the best lunch bag cooler, we filled each one up to its capacity, regardless of its size. This meant each bag had the same amount of free air space – and we then checked on the temperature of the food at various intervals throughout the day.

Here comes our Large Insulated Cooler Bag which is your ultimate partner for all your gatherings whether they are bonfires, picnics, sports events or camping trips

Made of 600D polyester the picnic container is lightweight and durable

it is so soft to bring you a comfortable carrier experience and the flexible PEVA liner has antimicrobial properties and can resist mold, mildew and odor.The size is 36cm*24cm*30cm with a large roomy design,1 main dual zipper compartment capable of holding upto 24 cans inside and also provides a lot of free storage area in the front pocket and come with an adjustable nylon strap which makes it really easy to carry around.There is a small opening with velcro strap closure on the top of the bag for easy access to the small size food.

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