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Family Picnic Bags

No.MY007150 Size:58cm*38cm*38cm(L*W*H) Wight:2KG Material:840D+PE Foam+aluminium foil Feature:indurative and foldable eco-friendly material 3 ways for carrying

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Family Picnic Bags

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840D+PE Foam+aluminium foil


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Our family picnic bags also called take-out package are made of 840D+PE foam+aluminium foil which can keep the temperature well. Large capacity is the best feature of the cooler bags. 24 pieces of lunch boxes with the size 22*15*6cm can be put into the insulated cooler bag.There are 2 cooler limbs in the side of cooler box they are made of the same material as the whole inner bag which improve the cooler function better.

The inner bag made of eco-friendly and tasteless aluminium foil.5.the environmentally friendly base plate is safely and harmless.6.made of 840D waterproof materail ,the beer cooler is waterproof.7overstriking ABS tee joint .It is easy to carry or take on by bike.


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About family picnic bags

Although the appearance of the picnic bags maybe seems like an ordinary handbag, in fact, there is a big gap both the internal structure and the functional. From the perspective of the functional, the take-out package looks like a moving “refrigerator”. 

Picnic bags usually use 840D waterproof fabric, lined with pearl PE cotton, tough and stylish

As the main structure of the picnic bags, the food warehouse is usually composed of 3-5 layers of materials. It is used to store foods delivery.and it can be insulated with the PE foam+aluminium foil. If it doesn't, it becomes a handbag. 

The document pocket is a small bag on a take-out bag, which is specifically used to hold external delivery orders, customer information, etc. This bag is usually located on the back side of the take-out bag in order to facilitate the carrying of the food delivery personnel.


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Takeaway bags can be divided into: 

1: Vehicle-style takeaway bag 

2: shoulder bag takeaway 

3: Handkerchief Takeaway


How to cleaning and maintenance the take-out bags/family picnic bags

1.The food that remains inside the take-out bag is prone to bad smell and must be cleanedregularly.

2.Open the cover and use a soft towel or sponge to clean it with warm water or a neutral detergent.

3.After using the detergent, it must be cleaned with clean water and then wiped with a dry cloth.

4.Always remove the dust from the top of the takeaway bag to avoid affecting the appearance.

5.Do not use alcohol, corrosive lotion to wash the body surface.

Note: do not spill water directly on the box body or  inside of  the box when cleaning the bag, so as not to penetrate into the insulation layer.



1.Disable open fire contact or sharp tool cutting.

2.Avoid prolonged exposure to rain, humidity and sun exposure which will affect the insulation effect.

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