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Insulated Cooler Backpack

Item No.MY011065

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Item No.MY011065




1)Can be split into two independent lunch bag

2)Large capacity with multiple compartments

3)High quality material

4)One time delivery

5)Professional service

6)Custom-made available

Description For Insulated Cooler Backpack:

Whether you are out hiking or biking, you will find our Insulated Cooler Backpack  fit almost all of your needs. This cooler backpack comes in at a size of 25cm*16cm*36cm, with reported ice retention rates of 24 hours (from the manufacturer). The designer lunch cooler bag is also sweat proof and leak proof, which means you won’t have to worry about it as you wear it.

We design a serious of this best cooler bag using the same material,same color,same accessories with different shape,different size,different compartment to make sure to meet all the different need.

The bottom part of this Insulated Cooler Backpack is independent and removable connect with the upper part by the zipper .it can be take apart into two independent cooler bag pink in color which can be used alone just by opening the zipper closure.That means when you need a backpack,it is a backpack with a large capacity to free your hands when you are going outside for your weekend picnic.and it is also a small custom made insulated cooler bag for your daily use such as carry your lunch food going for work ,school and so on.

However, before buying a backpack cooler, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Here are a few of them:


Will you need to pack more than just food and drinks? What if you need to pack something that needs to be concealed so it won’t be stolen, like a passport?

If you do, take into consideration what your needs are besides packing food and drink items, before buying your backpack cooler.


You or someone you know will be the one wearing this around, so think about where you’ll be taking it. Will you need to have it on you for hours or days at a time? Will you need to take a lot of items in the cooler?

If this is the case, then you may want to consider our Insulated Cooler Backpack with a bit more padding when it comes to straps.

Weight Distribution

Are you likely to be taking a case of cans with you or tons of food? If you will be, then another thing you need to keep in mind is a cooler that evenly distributes the weight.

A heavy backpack cooler can be horrible for the person wearing it, which is why weight distribution should be one of your concerns. One user mentioned the weight distribution benefits found in our Cool Bag Backpack Cooler which is another reason you may want to give it a closer look.


Do you need to carry items for one person or several? Do you need to carry just a few items or a lot?

If you are just looking out for yourself, then picking up a backpack cooler like the insulated ice cooler bags should suit you just fine. If you need to carry things for others, then you may want to give another pack a try.


Will you just be replacing your lunch cooler? Will you be using this best backpack cooler on your next fishing trip? Do you just need to keep food items cold on a day trip?

For more general tips go and check our website at,Once you decide on what you will be using the cooler for, then you can better decide which one will best suit your needs.

Cool Bag Backpack Cooler

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