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Backpack Picnic Set

No.MY006178 Size:43cm*32cm*20cm Material:600D+PEVA Feature: resonable design easy carry complete accessories large capacity

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 Picnic Backpack









With a reasonable design, easy carry and complete accessories,  backpack picnic set is the best choice for outdoor picnics which is favored and loved by most of consumers. Picnic bag with insulation is good for keeping cooler and it is shakeproof that means the foods or the items will be well protected inside the bag.

The accessories are made of stainless steel; knife, fork, spoon are made of  PP material while the cup are made of PS material,  and the tray, table cloth are made of eco-friendly material which is smooth and harmless to people.

The capacity is always the most important for a picnic bag,our backpack picnic cooler bag has a large storage with many for the accessories such as knife,fork,spoon and so on.and two external compartments with zipper closure are adopt the PAVE materials so the temperature of food inside is locked for many hours.the handle is made of rubber which is durable and comfortable carrying to bearing the bag without worrying about breaking accidental .a special bag is designed for the red wine.


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What to look for in buying a picnic backpack

● Zippers – Zippers need to be strong. With back packs, you are going to be opening and closing them a lot as you take food out of them. If they break, they make the backpack fairly useless, as you want to be able to keep the food and drink well insulated and locked away from any ants.

● Compartments – Because you may want to keep certain items separate (desserts and cold meats etc.), you need to find a backpack with at least a few compartments. There should also be a separate compartment for your utensils so they are clean to use.

● Insulation – Certain foods and drinks will need to stay cold. There is nothing worse than having to drink hot water after a long hike. Make sure the insulation is of good quality and keeps everything chilled.

● Two Drink Compartments – Many people like to take a bottle of wine as well as a bottle of water with them on a picnic, or if it’s in the morning, a thermos and a juice. Having two outer, a big cooler bag with insulated compartments which are designed to fit a tall bottle of soft drink or alcohol are the best. It’s also important to make sure the zippers don’t come right down, otherwise you run the risk of your bottles falling out, should they be zipped down too quickly.

● Blanket – (optional) Many bag with cooler now come with a picnic blanket attached to them, which is always a welcome addition. Having a rubber backed one is best as you don’t need to worry about sand or grass sticking to it, and it’s easier to clean. Try and make sure it is one that can be attached to the outside with strong straps so you don’t lose it.

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