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Tote Style Cooler Bag

Item No.MW010055

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Item No.MW010055




Tote Style Cooler Bag is a larger bag with 18cm wide and 20cm tall, not including the handles. It has a stylish and feminine-like appeal but it is modern and suitable for those women who are always on the go. It can be easily cleaned inside or out. It is made with non-toxic, pvc free, eco friendly, and phthalate-free materials

Eating lunch on the go and want to do so in style? We offer attractive and brightly-colored ladies’ insulated lunch bags which are great for the office or when out-and-about with the kids. Choose a tote style cooler bag that comes in a simply and fashion design

For women who are more interested in a compact lunch bag option, we offer the tote style cooler bag in a variety of designs. They are great for snacks, lunch or even baby bottles, and include an adjustable carry strap to allow mums to attach to a stroller or pram.

We have a series of lunch bags for women with many different styles,the tote style cooler bag,messenger cooler bag,top full opening cooler bag and so on.

All of them are made of the same material which are in a high-class quality so they are durable to be used for a long time.

Our lunch bags for women are all in a simple design ,there are two colors available,pink and gray.

This serious of insulated bags for food are all made with non-toxic, pvc free and eco-friendly materials. The design is very simple yet elegant so you will never think of being shy when you are carrying your lunch bag around.

Our cooler bag bulk in various style are also very durable and it can surely last longer of use. So even if you put a lot of food inside the bag it is safe and it will never ever break easily.

Packing a healthy lunch for yourself is an easy task if you have the best lunch bag cooler that will keep your lunch ready and prepared all the time.

It is designed for the women that are always on the go and the unique platters compliment the kind of lifestyle that they have. It is made with durability and it has an easy to clean fabric.

This tote style cooler bag has an easy grip so you can hold on to the bag much stronger so it will not fall. It also includes an interior mesh pockets that are perfect for keeping utensils, ice pack, napkins and condiments.

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