First Aid Kit

Red medical bag for Red Cross
Both sides are EVA bag
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Multi-pockets inside for more storage

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Item No.: ME002025

Red medical bag for Red Cross

Both sides are EVA bag

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Multi-pockets inside for more storage




The first aid kit were made of high-strength waterproof Oxford fabric, its the high grade waterproof fabric which combined with the hard EVA to ensure the medical products in the bag to avoid any damage. Its a small and exquisite bag design which also convenient to carry. The red color is eye-catching that easy to attract people to like it, the multi pockets and bands design make the medicals can be placed in order and quick to find.

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What list will be kept into this first aid kit?


1. The first aid manual

According to the International Red Cross, only 12% of adults in the worldwide that can take emergency rescue measures in emergencies, and only 5% of them are effective. Many home first aid kits have a lot of things, but they don’t understand the methods of first aid. Most of people lack of first-hand knowledge makes many of us lose our hands when accidents occurs. So a first aid manual is very important.

2. Electronic thermometers

To use the mercury temperature, first make the mercury column down and wipe off the sweat then take the thermometer underarm about 10 minutes. When using the electronic thermometer, place the probe in the position where need temperature measurement until the heard the warming and got the temperature.

3. Aid-band

Ready for some small wound

4. Disinfecting gauze

For covering the wound

5. Triangular bandage

Can support injured upper limbs, fixed dressings or fractures etc

6. Scissors, pliers, disposable gloves

Scissors can be used to cut tape or bandages. It also can be used to cut clothes if necessary. Pliers can clamp the dirt on the wound. Disposable gloves prevent direct contact with the wound and avoid cross-infection

7. Mask

Mainly used to isolate the pollution of the gas come from nose and mouth to the wound surface

8. Flashlight

It can be used to illuminate when in a dark environment, or to make a pupil reaction for the one who fall in a faint

9. Saline

For cleaning wounds

10. Disinfecting paper

For cleansing the skin, disinfection

11. Ice bag

Placed in areas of bruises, muscle strains, or joint sprains to make microvascular contractions and then to help reduce swelling. When nosebleeds, can be placed on the head to help stop bleeding

12. Common medicine

For some temporary cure before to the hospital

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